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Where to Find Climbing and Camping Areas
An intro to the Southern Illinois area- click on
the icons to go to more detailed sub-sections.
Climbing & Bouldering
The major climbing areas are found
to the south of the Carbondale/Marion area.
Click the icon to see the area map.
Many of the climbing/camping areas are on
National Forest Lands, where the camping is free, but it's primitive. Other camping options
are found throughout the area's parks.
Click the icon to find out more.
Motels & Lodging
You'll find all the major motel chains in the
areas around Carbondale/Marion. Some of
the parks ( such as Giant City ) have lodges and cabin rentals. There are many B&Bs to be found as well. Click the icon to go to a detailed list.
Finding Food
The area offers numerous restaurant,
fast food truck stop, and grocery store choices.
Makanda has a coffee/sandwich shop on the
Boardwalk, and in Goreville, Dad's Pizza is the
place to be. Click the icon to find out more.
In Case of Emergency
911 service is available from all of the climbing
areas. To see a complete listing of hospital and emergency numbers, Click the ambulance icon.
For a great overview of things to
do & see in southern Illinois, check out: www.discoversil.com
( Discover Southern Illinois )
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Find your favorite climbing/bouldering
spot on Google's Interactive Map.
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